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Shaklee March 29, 2013

I recently joined one of the greatest companies!  Shaklee is the number one natural nutrition company in the United States.   For over 55 years, they have been making people healthier.  According to the Shaklee site, “We were doing it back when green was just a color and   biodegradable was barely a word.  In fact, as early as 1960, we made one of the first biodegradable household cleaners ever.  And we were the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification and totally offset our CO2 emissions, resulting in a net zero impact on the environment.”

I started using Shaklee cleaning supplies in May 2012.  However, I did not use it regularly.  I used the laundry detergent all the time because it was safe, effective, and great for all my children and Cloth Diapers (that I used at the time).  However, the past few months, I have made sure our home was 100% Shaklee products.  Here are the Shaklee cleaning products I use in our home:

Honestly, I was skeptical to switch all my products to All-Natural products.  I was not sure that they would clean well, especially the dish washer detergent.  I have tried numerous products and spend a money on good cleaner, but still have some dishes not get clean.  However, I made the switch and LOVE IT!  My dishes shine!!  It’s the best dish washer cleaner I have used.  And I use very little of it!

Our family also used their vitamins daily.  Some of the supplements I have on hand for congestion, colds, or when the kids may have been around someone sick to help prevent them from getting sick or to get rid of it quickly.  Here is what we use for vitamins/supplements:

  1. John: Vitalizer
  2. Amber:  Vita-Lea with Iron (multivitamin), B-Complex (extra folic acid while nursing or pregnant), Vita-D3 (I am vitamin D deficient), and Probiotic (Helps my IBS)
  3. Children:  Children’s Multivitamin Increditives, Vita-C Chewable

I keep the following on hand for sicknesses or immune system builder.

Finally–Shaklee 180.  This is a great weightloss program.  Although I do not follow it strictly, I do drink one smoothie (or two a day).  I drink one for breakfast and most days one for lunch.  I love Strawberry Banana Smoothies, so this was easy for me.  They provide so much protein and nutrients in ONE DRINK!  It helps me stay energized and feel full.

If you have any questions about any products I use or you may be interested in, just let me know!





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  1. Just so you know, WordPress is blocking your links that you put in. 😦 I can copy and paste the links that you wrote out, but when I just click on them, WordPress puts up some kind of “Affiliate Links” page. 😦

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